The Best Tee Shirt Ever

Terminus Tees makes The Best Tee Shirt Ever. Sure, that’s a bold statement, but we truly believe that your experience here will make you a believer as well. By focusing on the Terminus Tees Five Points of Quality, we believe we create the best tees in the business for our customers.
1 The Garment

Think about your tee shirt as a painting: your design is the artwork itself, and your garment is the canvas. If that’s the case, then picking the right garment is a super important part of the tee shirt buying process. If Michelangelo painted the 12 Apostles on the side of the Sistine Chapel's dumpster, would it have been so amazing? NO! Was the Mona Lisa painted on a cocktail napkin? NO! The point is this: selecting a great garment is the foundation on which your merchandise is built, so you need to make the right choice. Lucky for you, we carry the top brands in the industry. Check out the product links on our pricing page to learn more about colors, size ranges, and specifications of our selections. We’ll help you create your own masterpiece!

2 The Inks

Our featured Termisoft fashion inks truly show our customers why we are the difference in tee shirt printing. Upgrading to Termisoft inks will give you the vibrant print colors you are looking for, as well as an unbelievably soft final product. And what’s more - we don’t charge you extra for the upgrade! In addition to the Termisoft fashion inks, we offer standard plastisol, waterbased, glow-in-the-dark, metallic, foil, high density, and we are continually adding innovative options to our print style roster. Take a look through our portfolio to see examples.

3 The Art

Your brand’s identity relies in its artwork - it’s how you present yourself to the world! We understand this. That’s why we take your original, digital artwork and make it incredible. We use the best high definition screens, printing machines, and dryers in the industry to insure that your designs are flawlessly translated to the garment. Additionally, if you’re completely stumped on a design for your brand, our in-house art team can create a completely unique, hand-drawn image or modernize your company’s logo with a crisp edge. We love getting creative with our clients!

4 The Team

From the second you make contact with our team, you too are a part of Terminus Tees. Every single client is assigned to a personal account manager that will guide you through every step of your merchandise ordering process. Our goal is to provide you with the friend on the inside that knows exactly what you want and exactly how to achieve it. In the end, after you bust open your first box of merch and marvel at a job well done, you will know that someone in Georgia is just as excited about your new tee shirts as you are.

5 The Delivery

Timeliness is one of the most overlooked layers of quality. By working directly with UPS, we insure that every order received is given a unique tracking number to access step-by-step information of the shipping progress. Obviously, production times vary based on order volume, but our account managers work with our clients to create a clear line of communication that helps us understand your needs and make arrangements to meet them. If your order needs to be rushed, our Express Press option makes any deadline attainable. Rest assured, there is no timeframe that is intimidating to Terminus Tees. You WILL get your merch!