We can all respect an OG. Gildan… that’s a classic apparel brand we all know by name. Gildan’s been making clothes since the 1940s and has earned its cred’ time and time again. The brand’s crazy big selection of cuts and colors make them a crowd favorite, and our bulk deals are out-of-this-world affordable. Never again will you uncontrollably sob hitting “Pay Now” when checking out hundreds of custom shirts. Instead, you’ll sleep like a baby on your mounds of soft and stylish tees until you’re forced to give them away. We won’t tell anyone about the ones you stuffed into your pillowcases.


Gildan shirts are just asking to be customized with unique logos and designs. Here are a few reasons these tees are a popular merch purch’: 

Peep This Top Seller

We sell Gildan like hotcakes. Think Denny’s at 3 a.m.-level orders. Fast and fluffy. Syrup included upon request.

Best Bang For Your Buck

Our Gildan 5000 shirt is the least expensive garment Terminus offers. We all love a good deal. Yes — that bulk price is real!

Massive Selection

Gildan offers one of the widest varieties of cuts and colors in all of the printed apparel biz! Choose from dozens of styles and a whomping 150 hues.

Revel in That Classic Fit

Because rocking comfort should be a full-time job. Gildan's classic, relaxed look is made for comfort mixed with a little "let's get it done in style" attitude.


















Here at Terminus Tees, we sell a lot of shirts. But Gildan is always our Ol’ Reliable. Customers choose it time and time again for its smart cost and long-standing reputation. And we get why; the brand offers the ultimate trifecta: great value, consistent fit, and faithful durability. 

We’ve been reelin’ and dealin’ Gildan since we opened in 2006 — and you can rest assured they’re always in stock and ready for print at Terminus. Buy rush orders in bulk for giveaways without droppin’ big bills on tees. We’re waiting on standby to ink on your logo and ship ‘em hot off the press. 


Ordering custom-printed premium apparel in bulk from the wrong vendor can cost a pretty penny. At checkout, you wonder if the shirts were made out of Rumpelstiltskin's gold thread — because that’s the only way they could possibly be charging that much. But what if you could get a shirt that was still comfortable without costing an arm and a leg? Save more shinies in your piggy bank, sport, with Terminus Tees and Gildan. 

Our least expensive orders are often Gildan, but don’t mistake affordability for cheap. Every garment is made from quality cotton or blended materials, making this brand both durable and wearable despite the shockingly bomb price tag. 


Ever noticed how you and your bestest buds have so much in common? You share the same interests and maybe even dress similarly. What can ya say? We’re attracted to people like us. Gildan gets that. For every unisex style they offer, they have a women’s and kid’s cut of that same shirt so everyone can share the love. 

In addition to their companion fits, they have — no lie — 150 colors to choose from! It’s like a rainbow on steroids. Dozens of hues, just for you. Our customers love ordering the same print in different colors to give their wearers the ultimate selection. 


Gildan’s undoubtedly most known for its cotton tee, but the brand’s SoftStyle collection really deserves more attention if you ask us. These shirts are ring spun and extra soft — and available in many styles. From that relaxed, loose fit to modern-classic chic, they’re a far cry from the traditional tee. We’ve got styles for every body type and fit preference. Keep it loosey-goosey or tightey-tiger; we’ve got all the cuts your customers desire. 

Best of all: Gildan’s SoftStyle apparel is pre-shrunk, meaning you’ll have the perfect fit after every wash. Let the scoreboard show — You: 1. Dryer: 0. *cue that killer Queen guitar lick.* You and your customer really are “The Champions” … of the wooorld!  




*based on a 100-piece, one color, single location order


Gildan swag is rad, but they’re not the only blank garment brand we offer for custom printed clothing. From BELLA+CANVAS to Next Level, sneak a peek at these other popular brands:


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How fast is shipping?

Like a warrior riding a galloping steed, charging into battle to save your kingdom from doom. Really, you tell us when you need the order, and we can come to an agreement on a time frame realistic for both of us.

We get that sometimes those big events can sneak up fast. If you need bulk garments in a pinch, we offer rush production upgrades. That’s when we put jet-packs on our horses. Giddy up, Buttercup. 

Fun fact: With all our machines dialed up to the max, we can print 3,000 shirts an hour! The faster we print, the sooner it’ll arrive at your door.

What are Gildan's bestsellers?

Gildan’s hottest shirt is definitely their 5000 style here at Terminus Tees. It’s made with 100% US cotton that is sustainably grown and ethically harvested. This unisex style’s taped neck and shoulders make it a comfortable shirt for most body types. It’s also available in companion styles for Ladies’ and Youth cuts, should you want a more fitted tee.

What are the wash care instructions?

Gildan clothing is durable and dependable. To keep your apparel creamy and delicious, reference the clothing’s care tag. A cotton tee, for example, will have different wash instructions than a rayon garment — so it’s always wise to read what the manufacturer recommends for every style and material. It’s typically recommended to wash your clothes before first use, after getting really, really sweaty, spilling coffee on yourself, or whenever you’re craving the smell of your favorite fabric softener. 

How can I preserve the quality of my T-shirt or apparel?

To best preserve your custom print quality, we recommend washing it inside out in cold water. At approximately 410°F your cotton tee will ignite in flames. We do not recommend exposing it to extreme conditions like saunas or open mic nights where grandma sings Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” for fear of temperature deterioration. Printed colors fade in direct sunlight, so permanently displaying your tee in your window for passersby to admire your wicked design is not ideal for quality (although your neighbors may be impressed). We offer folding and polybagging to keep your shirts nice and cozy, should you want specialty storage. 

Is there an order minimum?

We can do some single shirt orders with certain Gildan styles and colors. See the individual product page functionality to confirm your options and order directly online. For all custom screen-printed projects, we happily accept orders over 50 items. 

What's the sizing of Gildan

On each product page, you will see a “Sizing Chart” button for each apparel brand and style. Please contact us with any questions!

Keep in mind that cotton apparel can shrink when washing/drying. Gildan’s premium poly-blend garments are less likely to shrink.