Custom-Printed Apparel for Companies and Brands

Modern marketing focuses almost exclusively on building your brand image online. We fork over thousands of dollars to create a fancy website and pay out the nose for Google Ads, but when we peel our eyes away from the screen, it becomes clear that your digital footprint isn’t everything

Lasting connections often start with a face-to-face conversation. There’s power in seeing someone at the grocery store wearing a T-shirt with your logo. If they’re willing to wear your brand, they’re willing to talk about it with a stranger and do your marketing for you. Let’s make branded apparel worth wearing and sharing, together.


Maybe you need branded merch to sell at your business or to give away at an event. Or, for employees to wear on the job or while networking. Regardless, you want apparel that looks and feels good — and, boy, do we got the goods!

Quality-First Promise

You wouldn’t sell your customers a mediocre product or service, so why skimp on your merch? Quality apparel shows you’re a quality brand.

Expert Attention

Shoot us an email, give us a buzz, even text us! Ordering online has never been easier.

Brand Respect

You have design guidelines. We've got a team that understands them. Let’s make sure that logo is the exact size, color, and placement you’re looking for.

Speedy Production

Our turnaround is 10-12 business days — faster than it takes Jim to get you that dang report you’ve asked for three times now! Luckily, we offer rushed production and overnight shipping as well.


You offer the best products or services around — and you need the best branded apparel to reflect it. Here at Terminus Tees, our mission is to give everyone the retail-quality experience to compliment the value of their brand. 

Retail-worthy garments start with quality designs, printed on durable, comfortable apparel. Not only do we offer reliable, trusted brands like BELLA+CANVAS, Next Level, and more, but we also use some of the best inks and presses in the industry, printed by some of the most passionate artists you’ll meet. Your custom-branded clothing will be high quality and stylish, leaving wearers going, “Daaaang, this brand is legit.” No big deal: lightning only moves at like 270,000 mph. Our bulk presses and ready-to-print inventory make us the human equivalent of lightning, spitting out perfectly pressed merch faster than it takes most bands to set the stage.


You were asked to order branded merchandise, but apart from having a design file of your logo, you might not know how to get started. Most printers offer dozens of apparel brands in thousands of colors, how could you possibly choose? That’s where we come in. When ordering with Terminus Tees, you get your own account manager — a person specifically devoted to your project. They’ll take the time to understand what you’re looking for and help you choose the best merch to show off your logo or design. 

Once you’ve placed your order, your account manager will oversee the process from beginning to end for an accurate, finished product that meets your expectations in style. Think of your account manager as your personal super hero! They will give it their all to help make sure your in-hand date is met, and will be there to communicate should you need them. 


Don’t you hate it when someone slaps your logo on an absurd background? Or when they so clearly use the wrong color in your marketing materials? It’s not just any shade of blue. It’s Pantone 2728 C, for crying out loud! 

Consistency in design builds brand trust, and we take your branding very seriously. That’s why we use the Pantone Matching System to print with your exact color palette — and why we’re radically particular about the fine details like your corporate font. Our art team always double-checks your design comp approval before printing and ensures the quality of each and every garment meets (or exceeds!) your expectations.


We know corporate events and branded merchandise needs often rise up faster than Pillsbury Crescent Rolls in mom’s oven! You’re just sitting at your desk clicking away when your boss roars behind you, “We need 600 shirts for next weekend’s event, STAT!” Yikes. Talk about last minute. Good luck finding a printer who won’t cut corners on quality when taking rushed orders… 

Look no further! At Terminus Tees, we have presses specifically devoted to rushed orders and a constant supply of inventory on hand, allowing us to print on even the tightest timelines. Thanks to our partnership with UPS and our prime location next to five of the top distribution centers in the U.S., we offer some of the fastest shipping around.


All our custom-print apparel brands rock, but bands who order with us sure love Next Level and Gildan. Explore your options below:



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