Band Merch

Let’s cut the fluff: you need merch that really pops. If someone’s walking up to that other band’s stand, you want them to double-take at your sweet shirts and become a fan. 

Wow-worthy merch starts with your rad artwork and ends with garments that are soft and stylish — printed with quality inks and attention-to-detail. You’ve already got a rockin’ design. The Terminus team’s got the brands and trendy cuts you need to seal the deal. Let’s make fans ga-ga over your custom-printed apparel and become lifelong advertisers of your band.

Why We Rock for Band Merch 

Terminus Tees first began as a print shop for bands — ya know, way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and all. During our Jurassic journey from then till now, we’ve never lost our soft spot for musicians. In fact, a solid portion of today’s staff still has roots in the music industry. No one understands your merchandising needs quite like us. From local performers to national headliners, we’re your one-stop-shop for all things tour merch. Just ask big names like 30 Seconds to Mars, Manchester Orchestra, and Bruno Mars; they can’t get enough of their Terminus tees. 

Speedy Production

When you need merch, you need it now. We’ll work with you to get you the goods exactly when you need it.

Quality Tees for Quality Jams

You put your heart and soul into your music; your band merch shouldn’t be any different. Never compromise quality with Terminus Tees.

Smooth Prints

Yeah, glide your fingertips over your logo. Ain’t it smooth? Like kissing that needle to a spinning LP, there’s something about touching perfection that leaves you breathless.

Beef Up Your Booth

There’s no arguing that standard tees sell, but unique styles catch wandering eyes. Stock outerwear, tanks, hats, and more to expand your merch store.


No big deal: lightning only moves at like 270,000 mph. Our bulk presses and ready-to-print inventory make us the human equivalent of lightning, spitting out perfectly pressed merch faster than it takes most bands to set the stage.

Our partnership with UPS ensures your rushed orders make it in time for the tour. And if you run out of your best-sellers on the road, rest easy knowing our Atlanta factory is within a short distance of five of the top distribution centers in the U.S. Don't worry; you WILL get your merch!


No one likes that greasy-haired salesman that tries to upsell you. We know you have a budget, and we’re not trying to flex it. We carry some of the best blank apparel brands in the industry, each with dozens of choices to fit your price point. And none of them — that’s right, none of them — are low-quality.

Whether you’re getting a traditional cotton tee or a poly-blend premium pullover, you’ll enjoy maximum value with minimal compromise at Terminus Tees. You know what your fans like, and we’ll get you a merch line-up as epic as your setlist.


Looks aren’t everything. You want band merch that gets worn long after the concert because it’s comfortable and durable. Like that vintage Les Paul you play to no end, imagine your fan’s hoodie becoming their new favorite: that one item they wear constantly. From Sunday grocery shopping to a fresh date, they’re sporting your merch because they love you and they love their sick threads.

A good chunk of our team used to tour and can appreciate a quality band tee. That’s why we invest in nothing but the highest quality inks and top-of-the-line automatic presses. Wash after wash, your lit design will last the test of time. Like those leather boots we’ve all had for years, it’ll get even better with wear.


When you’re surrounded by competing merchandise booths, you want to stand out. Apart from your killer designs, variety can get you far. Why not offer a tank top or a crew neck in addition to the classic tees? Heck, what about a ball cap or a baby onesie?

Beyond the garment, our team is up on the latest color and placement trends. Think lyrics running down the sleeve or a breast pocket logo with tour dates on the back. Or, a checkered flannel and tie-dye pullover. What other bands do you know who sell more than just a black unisex tee? Stand out from the pack, you alpha dog, you.


All our custom-print apparel brands rock, but bands who order with us sure love Next Level and Gildan. Explore your options below:



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Tattooed woman wearing the perfect black tee branded for a rock band
Four printed Kelen Heller t-shirts spread out on tables
Man from Salem's Childe holding up a branded tee he just took from a Terminus Tees box
Man pointing at the design on his black t-shirt