Like a wise soul weaving between the aisles of an “All You Can Eat” buffet before filling your plate, you want to see all your options before committing. Right on. Explore away, my friend. We’ve got custom-printed apparel choices for all shapes, sizes, and style preferences. Nose around — and don’t be afraid to ask our account managers for help finding the perfect garment for you. Like passing by the mystery pan twice before someone says it’s crab-stuffed mac and cheese, it helps to ask the staff what’s cookin’. Can’t say no to that, now can you? 


Hold on there, tiger. Before you start digging through these eight great brands, may we present to you — drumroll, please! — our top-selling garments. While literally any brand we offer at Terminus is amazing, we don't want you to miss the crowd favorites.



You get a brand, and YOU get a brand, and YOOOU get a brand! Check out all your custom-printed garment options below.



Alternative Apparel


Comfort Colors


Other Brands



Sometimes when making a purchase, the middle ground feels safe. You’re not quite ready to buy the most expensive option, but you don’t want the cheapest either. Think of Tultex like your custom-printed apparel sweet spot. It’s a cost-effective premium brand, featuring many modern styles and blends. We offer lots of retro cuts, including cropped hoodies and tops, as well as your basic tee and beyond — so there’s a look for everyone.


Two words: branded underwear. We joke (though… we could print it!). Trust us, Hanes offers more than just tighty-whities. Their affordability makes them an appealing option for those on a strict budget. We carry an extensive catalog of styles, fits, and colors. When choosing their EcoSmart line, you’re getting a garment made with up to 5% recycled plastic! Save your wallet and the environment, in one fell swoop! Feelin’ like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Among the Animals, yet?


Much like Tultex, District apparel is a great option for those who want to spend less for more value. From 100% cotton to premium tri-blends, choose your fabric just as carefully as you’d choose your Mortal Kombat character. With so many killer options, you’re sure to win the battle of the band tees. Beyond the shirts, we even have a pretty sick selection of District hoodies and outerwear!


Is your brand upscale and unique? If boutique sounds like you, Alternative Apparel is your vibe, baby. This high-fashion-focused blank apparel line offers a plethora of original colors and materials you just won’t find from other brands. From their gentle pink Rose Bloom hue to their TENCEL™ fibers extracted from beech wood, Alternative stands out for its modern, posh styles and threads.


Comfort Colors is a name many know and love. As we like to say: once a CC wearer, always a CC wearer. This apparel brand has a devoted following, including those who can’t get enough of that comfy oversized fit. We offer these premium garments in a variety of fits and colors, including all the rad, garment-dye looks you don’t get with other blank apparel brands. Choose from vintage and weathered pigments or a bold and bright hue and ask us about what makes Comfort Colors so crazy cool.


You’ll often see American Apparel branded clothing in major retailers like Zumiez or Urban Outfitters. As a fashion-forward brand, they keep up with the latest trends — producing niche blank garments like crop tops, halters, and more. The brand’s tried and true hoodies and tees are a customer favorite for their soft fabrics, consistent fit, and the brand’s long-standing trust. 


Believe it or not, there’s more where that came from! We carry hundreds of brands of apparel in thousands of styles. Not to overwhelm you, but there are undeniably a lot of options. Don’t worry; we’re here to make it easy. Our team can help you narrow it down based on your preferences and order size. Just rub the magic bottle and we’ll grant your wildest of custom-printed wishes, master.  

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How fast is shipping?

Like a warrior riding a galloping steed, charging into battle to save your kingdom from doom. Really, you tell us when you need the order, and we can come to an agreement on a time frame realistic for both of us.

We get that sometimes those big events can sneak up fast. If you need bulk garments in a pinch, we offer rush production upgrades. That’s when we put jet-packs on our horses. Giddy up, Buttercup. 

Fun fact: With all our machines dialed up to the max, we can print 3,000 shirts an hour! The faster we print, the sooner it’ll arrive at your door.

What are the wash care instructions?

Our apparel brands are all durable and dependable. To keep your apparel creamy and delicious, reference the clothing’s care tag. A cotton tee, for example, will have different wash instructions than a rayon garment — so it’s always wise to read what the manufacturer recommends for every style and material. It’s typically recommended to wash your clothes before first use, after getting really, really sweaty, spilling coffee on yourself, or whenever you’re craving the smell of your favorite fabric softener.

How can I preserve the quality of my T-shirt or apparel?

To best preserve your custom print quality, we recommend washing it inside out in cold water. At approximately 410°F your cotton tee will ignite in flames. We do not recommend exposing it to extreme conditions like saunas or open mic nights where grandma sings Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” for fear of temperature deterioration. Printed colors fade in direct sunlight, so permanently displaying your tee in your window for passersby to admire your wicked design is not ideal for quality (although your neighbors may be impressed). We offer folding and polybagging to keep your shirts nice and cozy, should you want specialty storage. 

Is there an order minimum?

We can do some single shirt orders with certain styles and colors. See the individual product page functionality to confirm your options and order directly online. For all custom screen-printed projects, we happily accept orders over 50 items.