BELLA+CANVAS's mission is to offer “premium fashion to the wholesale world,” and they do a pretty groovy job if you ask us. Our customers love getting custom-printed apparel that’s both comfortable and stylish without paying designer cost — and we love B+C’s quality dyes that won’t fade, matched with our long-lasting inks. Their T-shirts and other garments are wicked soft and available in dozens of cuts and fits, making them one of our best-selling custom apparel contenders. And when it comes to color selection, their palette puts Bob Ross to shame. Although he undoubtedly paints the happiest trees.


BELLA+CANVAS is one of the best-quality branded apparel options around. There are lots of reasons to choose B+C, but if we had to whittle it down, it's these four perks.

Stupid Soft

Scratchy shirts get donated. Soft shirts get worn. Our BELLA+CANVAS tees are smooth as a newborn.

A Fit of All

Cropped hoodies, muscle tees — even onesies! From semi-fitted to relaxed, our apparel’s tailored for all shapes and sizes.

Fleek Styles

BELLA+CANVAS drops new styles faster than Eminem spits rhymes. So… like, really fast. Stay on trend with FWDFashion.

Colors Galore

Want gray? We've got 50 shades... Okay, well maybe not 50 exactly. But it's still a lot!. With your logo, we’re thinking “Ash,” but you do you, boo.


BELLA+CANVAS is one of our top requested apparel lines because it’s as silky as your aunt's freshly-waxed upper lip. All of our B+C apparel — even the non-blend, 100% cotton material — is ring-spun. That’s what gives it that absolutely irresistible touch.

Not only are our BELLA+CANVAS garments made with tighter fibers for that baby-smooth feel, but this special weave offers a superior print surface. That means your logo looks sharper, holding its crisp “just-printed” quality, wash after wash. It’s like biting into a plump apple every time you run your hands along the design, only juicier.


Not everyone wants a standard fitted T-shirt. People have different body types and style preferences — and it’s up to you to give them options. Luckily, our BELLA+CANVAS clothing comes in so many unique styles, your biggest struggle will be narrowing down your choices. From the classic baseball shirt to a muscle tee with rolled sleeves, we offer far more than your run-of-the-mill shirt. 

One problem your audience faces is getting a sweet shirt, only to wash it, hate how it feels, and exile it to the blue, bottomless pit of a Goodwill bin. Never with Terminus Tees. All our BELLA+CANVAS custom merch comes pre-washed — promising minimum shrinkage. Rest easy knowing the quality you give them is the quality they’ll enjoy time and time again. No shrink ray in your dryer wizardry. Save that drama for Wayne Szalinski.


Shirts are cool, but you know what’s even cooler? Hip sweatpants or joggers. Guess it’s all about who you’re asking… but athleisure is undoubtedly a growing trend. Imagine your logo on a sick racerback tank. Guaranteed they’ll wear that bad boy around town.

With BELLA+CANVAS, we offer trendy looks at affordable prices. It’s the garments you see at Zara, Topshop, and H&M, except without the fast-fashion waste. This brand is all about eco-friendly apparel never made in a sweatshop: FWDFashion done right. With new styles released every month, your brand can stay on-trend, without breaking the bank. We even have our own personal representative at B+C to keep us up to speed on all the latest looks. Beach hoodies and all.


There’s a huge difference between a Brick red and Poppy. One’s deep like a fresh-poured Cabernet, while the other is bright and bold like a cherry slushie. That’s why one standard “Red” doesn’t cut it at Terminus Tees. The color of your garment says a lot about your brand — and not just any hue can stand. BELLA+CANVAS rocks our world with its extensive list of colors. Ask for a shade of “Blue” and we’ll show you all twenty-two.

Beyond their mind-blowing color selection, BELLA+CANVAS is often first to the market with new dyes, like mineral wash and tie-dye, and creative textiles like marble fleece and acid wash. When you paint a room in your house, you hold up swatches to the wall to find the perfect match; give your logo the same luxury. 



*based on a 100-piece, one color, single location order


BELLA+CANVAS swag is rad, but they’re not the only blank garment brand we offer for custom printed clothing. From Gildan to Next Level, sneak a peek at these other popular brands:


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How fast is shipping?

Like a warrior riding a galloping steed, charging into battle to save your kingdom from doom. Really, you tell us when you need the order, and we can come to an agreement on a time frame realistic for both of us.

We get that sometimes those big events can sneak up fast. If you need bulk garments in a pinch, we offer rush production upgrades. That’s when we put jet-packs on our horses. Giddy up, Buttercup. 

Fun fact: With all our machines dialed up to the max, we can print 3,000 shirts an hour! The faster we print, the sooner it’ll arrive at your door.

What are Bella + Canvas' bestsellers?

Without a doubt, our best-selling BELLA+CANVAS tee is the 3001 Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve. It’s 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, and available in 65 different colors. This simple crew neck is the perfect blank canvas for your custom prints and one of our most cost-conscious choices for bulk orders. For those that like heathered polyblends, try the 3001CVC. Really, you can’t go wrong with any B+C garment.

What are the wash care instructions?

BELLA+CANVAS clothing is stupid soft, doubling as a smooth surface for custom printing. To keep your apparel creamy and delicious, reference the clothing’s care tag. A cotton tee, for example, will have different wash instructions than a rayon garment — so it’s always wise to read what the manufacturer recommends for every style and material. It’s typically recommended to wash your clothes before first use, after getting really, really sweaty, spilling coffee on yourself, or whenever you’re craving the smell of your favorite fabric softener. 

How can I preserve the quality of my T-shirt or apparel?

To best preserve your custom print quality, we recommend washing it inside out in cold water. At approximately 410°F your cotton tee will ignite in flames. We do not recommend exposing it to extreme conditions like saunas or open mic nights where grandma sings Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” for fear of temperature deterioration. Printed colors fade in direct sunlight, so permanently displaying your tee in your window for passersby to admire your wicked design is not ideal for quality (although your neighbors may be impressed). We offer folding and polybagging to keep your shirts nice and cozy, should you want specialty storage. 

Is there an order minimum?

We can do some single shirt orders with certain BELLA+CANVAS styles and colors. See the individual product page functionality to confirm your options and order directly online. For all custom screen-printed projects, we happily accept orders over 50 items. 

What's the sizing of Bella + Canvas apparel like?

Check out BELLA+CANVAS’s handy dandy Fit & Size Chart. Sort by Women’s, Unisex/Men’s, Youth, and Baby. 

B+C is a more fitted apparel line. Consider sizing up if you prefer a looser fit.