Merchandising rule number one: start with a trusted brand of apparel. 

You could have the raddest design known to man, but if your masterpiece is slapped onto an itchy, ill-fitting shirt, it’ll be long forgotten. Think of a custom printed T-shirt like a painting: the design is the brushstrokes and your garment is the canvas… If Michelangelo painted the 12 Apostles on the side of a dumpster, would we still call it one of the greatest artistic accomplishments of all time? Would we still treasure the Mona Lisa if it was painted on a cocktail napkin? Probably not. 

Selecting a long-lasting, comfortable garment determines your shirt’s very FATE. Will you doom it to the dark trenches of Goodwill’s donation bins or dub thee the honorable title of “New Favorite Shirt?”

Lucky for you, we carry the top brands in the custom-printed apparel industry, guaranteeing a great garment no matter which you choose:


We’ve been working with many of these vendors for over a decade and have sick relationships with them. That means we get access to the good stuff! Not only can we offer thousands of choices for each apparel brand, but we’re also quick to offer new styles and products. Let’s not forget the discounts we get from the vendors —  allowing us to pass on the savings to you.



  • Ready for the world to see your watercolor of a fuschia toad riding a dragon? 
  • Want your fundraiser tanks to be worn long after the event itself?
  • Need band tees that leave fans wrestling over the last size Small like rabid dogs?

Imagine sporting that perfect shirt around the supermarket like a celebrity caught in the produce section, shopping amongst the masses. Oh, this ol’ thing? I just threw it on. You’re so cool, you don’t have to try. Let your customers feel that same kind of pride.

We can literally print anything you dream up. You design it, we’ll bring it to life with the best machinery in the biz.

Seriously. Many print shops don’t have the caliber of equipment we’ve invested in. Their 4-color manuals print rubbery designs that don’t last. We have multiple warehouses with the highest-definition screens, printing machines, and dryers in the industry. We use lasers to burn your design onto our print screens to achieve the highest level of precision when pressing that sweet, sweet design into your shirt.

At Terminus Tees, all our garments are pressed and inspected by true artists. And we’re hard critics. Think Simon Cowell-level quality judgment calls. We’re tough cookies about quality because we want you to have The Best T-Shirt Ever™ — and that’s what you’ll get! 

Plus, if you’re completely stumped on a design for your brand, our art team can even lend a hand.


Crappy ink stinks. It peels, it fades. It doesn’t do your brand justice. Here at Terminus Tees, there are a few reasons our inks are wicked trustworthy:

We’ve got the good stuff.

We always invest in high-quality inks: none of the cheap stuff! It’s why our inks last longer than your annual Thanksgiving dinner with your annoying relatives who brag about their trust fund and pedigree poodle Rose Marie. Our inks are quality infusions that survive wash after wash, unscathed.

We custom-mix our colors in-house.

There’s a reason we’re called the Sir-Mix-A-Lot of the Ink Biz. Whereas other print shops use off-the-shelf colors, we blend our own and use the Pantone Matching System to achieve your exact brand colors.

Our presses are top-notch

Even the best quality inks and color matching can fall to the wasteside if you print them using mediocre presses. Our machinery is undoubtedly some of the best of the best in the industry, helping us achieve the perfect coverage, the smoothest feel, and crispest print around.

Unmatched variety.

In addition to our best-selling Termisoft fashion inks, we offer standard Plastisol, Discharge, water-based, glow in the dark, metallic, foil, high-density, and more. With new specialty inks constantly being added to our arsenal, you never know what’s in store! Ask us about the right ink for your project, today.


Listen, we are cool peeps. Our culture at Terminus is equal parts goofy and imaginative. For Pete’s sake, we printed cheese into a tee just to see if we could. We’re a team of quirky, passionate artists. We eat creativity for breakfast and like to test the bounds of traditional printing by developing cutting-edge techniques and designs that would blow Free Willy out of the water. 

But we’re far from a bunch of nuts messing around in a warehouse. Our reputation echoes across the valley. Since 2006, we’ve been entrusted by major brands, religious organizations, bands, and more to design and print retail-quality apparel. 

Clients become loyal customers because no one offers a customer experience like us. Everyone’s assigned a personal account manager that will guide you through every step of the ordering process. After checkout, your order will be passed onto its own personal quality controller, ensuring that the final product is both accurate and funky fresh. Our relationship means more to us than anything, and we promise you’ll leave with a strong sense of our care and attention to detail. Jokes included — free of charge.


Events can creep up fast. But there’s nothing like going through the checkout and realizing you won’t have your custom-printed shirts for weeks. 

At Terminus, we have production timelines to meet everyone’s needs. Our standard shipping is 10-12 business days, but for those who need it now, we offer super fast rush upgrades to make sure that you have your order right on time! But wait — there’s more! We have print presses and employees specifically devoted to time-sensitive orders, just waiting to be fired up for your rush order. We just like to make you feel special. 

With popular apparel brands already stocked in warehouse and expert staff, we can meet your tightest deadlines without compromising quality. Plus, our Atlanta factory is within a short distance of five of the top distribution centers in the U.S., so when we pass the baton to UPS, we trust you’ll get your order exactly when you need it.