TERMINUS TEES wants to give a huge thank you to our social media followers! We are so grateful to have such rad friends and really appreciate all the tags and shoutouts! To show our thanks we are announcing weekly tag winners via Instagram. (Check out past winners by searching #TAGFORTEES)

If you stopped by our booth at a festival and won some free TERMINUS goodies, took a picture with FUZZ, OR have ever received any TERMINUS TEES merchandise you have a chance to win even more! All you have to do is tag away! We’ll continue giving freebies to people with fun and creative pics throughout the year! Here’s how it works:

  1. Post your most rad picture with FUZZ/TERMINUS TEES printed merchandise/TERMINUS TEES goodies on Instagram
  2. Tag @TERMINUSTEES in the picture AND Use #TERMINUSTEES**
  3. Win us over with your silliness and creativity!

It's as simple as that!

**Be sure and tag us in the picture itself. We cannot search for pics where @TERMINUSTEES is only in the comments. Also, we have had some issues not being able to see pics posted by peeps with private profiles.**